New Advanced Movement Tutorial for Blade and Soul

Light Step Tutorial

Hello all,

Welcome to the tutorial! For those of you interested in adding an extra bit of flair to your step, here’s a unique guide I quickly threw together for you. Let me explain it a little bit, it’s called the light step, you use a series of button commands to move yourself throughout the game. I highly recommend it for a new way to help you get around those new areas a lot quicker and feathering your stamina in and out of combat.

hold W – Shift – Tap Space – let go of W [repeat]

You hold w to move forward, shift to sprint, tap space (lightly tap it so you get a short hop), and let go of w and shift to fall to the ground. Similar to the wavedash for those of you familiar with Super Smash Melee, it transfers the momentum of the jump into the stamina bar, there is no slide so the momentum carried stops as soon as you hit the ground. However you can keep hopping forward and you immediately transfer stamina while in the air for a short time so you are exhausting less stamina than full tilt sprinting.

Here’s the video below, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you guys think, it isn’t viable in combat, but hopefully this catches on and makes it a more interesting experience for fighting. pve/pvp, a whole new skill gap to conquer.

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