New Premium Point Analysis: Premium point costs increased for each premium level

It now costs 61600 NCoins to be level 9->10. Just from level 9->10, it now costs $770. Previously, it cost $230 to go from level 9->10. Increase of 330%.


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Looking at level 6, it appears that all level requirements increased.

Projecting from the old cost curves, and using these screenshots, I interpolated how much points it probably costs now for each level. I used linear fit from levels 1-6 as thats what the model approximated at levels below 7, and used polynomial fit for levels 7-10. Charts and values for premium point requirements have been updated based on babbletr0n’s response below.

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And here are the converted relevant ncoin amounts: (note that 1 NCoin spent = 10 premium points)

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And relevant dollar amounts: (note that 1 dollar=8 ncoins=80 premium points)

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These numbers are accurate based on babbletr0n’s posts below.

Master’s pack owners now need to spend an additional $60 (11120) worth of NCoins to reach level 5, rather than the 1 Ncoin they needed during the alpha/beta. Note that this means they need to spend nearly all the additional coins they received just to go over level 5.
You need to spend an additional $130 (10400) worth of Ncoins to reach the same experience point as what you previously reached during the alpha/beta. Level 6 is not achievable under the new system, considering you only get 7200 Ncoins with the master’s pack.
It now costs $730 to get remote storage, or $580 if you had master’s pack. Previously, you needed $499/$350, a cost increase of more than 40%.
It costs $1500(!!!) to reach level 10 under the new system.

NCWest has cheated out Master Pack owners by at a minimum 60 dollars and up to 130 dollars, considering what they were able to reach during the beta compared to what they will be reaching now. I’m sure almost every Master pack purchaser tried out the game first during the alpha/beta, and used the benefits they gained during those experiences as the basis for purchasing a founder’s pack. This is another bait&switch.

Oh, and before anyone says anything about how NCSoft has said that nothing is final, what they said specifically was that Hongmoon Store prices are not final. Never that the premium level point requirements are not final.

I hope NCWest addresses this, and gives some compensation/additional premium points to the masters/disciple pack owners. Or are they going to add another entry to their list of blunders by claiming they only guaranteed the number of points, and troll the early adopters again?

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