Everybody knows summoners are a broken class

They know that it is an issue. NCSoft will not do anything about it. They wont hear you out. Summoners are worst in 6v6 imo. The heal, endless knockdown, and stupid grabs are too much to deal with. If they have crit def, you'll spend days killing them...DAYS! You better

[Blade and Soul] NA leveling Guide 1-20

Once Blade and Soul released, I Figured it out. What you have to do, around levels 10-15ish, maybe even higher, is make sure you get your weapon to max Hongmoon level, then evolve it with stalker. then max it out from there, without using the next breakthrough (since it becomes

The cash reward doesn’t match

I don't know about other but i still play this game just because i have already spent a lot of money buying ncoins, so i dont have another option. About the content is shit and the game experience is even worst those with money are the only ones that enjoy

Naksun is good for moonstones

I know a lot of players have issues with soul stone plains, to be honest, I am one of them, i hate SSP's current setup but the answer I am hearing is not an answer, its a problem, its a way to make more players quit this game, SSP needs

Rerolling and moreover quitting the game

For some of us its already too late, but i wouldn't recommend this class to anyone. The worst thing in any mmo is feel that all your time and energy has been completely wasted and thats how your gonna feel when you play this class for PVE. PVE destroyer is