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Ich habe kein Skype mehr, darum kann ich nicht mehr schreiben. Wegen der Helga Waffe: Mein Jägi ist erst 92, ich habe Fiesta online vernachlässigt und spiele manchmal KQ. Spielst du noch Fiesta und brauchst du die Waffe? Hab erst neulich mit BnS angefangen und kann mich nicht zwischen Blade &

The combat helps bring in something

They're giving it average review scores, which in all fairness is pretty accurate. aside from the combat there's not a lot that this game is doing that isn't being done better elsewhere. the quests are super repetitive, dungeons and their resulting boss fights are not particularly interesting, and the graphics

Everybody knows summoners are a broken class

They know that it is an issue. NCSoft will not do anything about it. They wont hear you out. Summoners are worst in 6v6 imo. The heal, endless knockdown, and stupid grabs are too much to deal with. If they have crit def, you'll spend days killing them...DAYS! You better

[Blade and Soul] NA leveling Guide 1-20

Once Blade and Soul released, I Figured it out. What you have to do, around levels 10-15ish, maybe even higher, is make sure you get your weapon to max Hongmoon level, then evolve it with stalker. then max it out from there, without using the next breakthrough (since it becomes