Pay to Play server, please?

Premium players would be okay, however it wouldn’t change the business model at all. It’d keep it the same. I plan to still continue to support premium, even though the benefits are lacking as I enjoy the game a lot and as I am using it for entertainment they deserve some money to keep their servers up for me. I also buy vanity, rng boxes, yada yada.
The main reason why I am suggested a P2P model is it just simply works a lot better for this type of game, definitely when it is heavily RNG reliant with boxes and loot tables. Having a premium or pay to play server they could potentially increase drop rate. Keep the pay to play servers marketplace separate from the free to play one and all of the economies should be fine. Discounts, a different type of shop, etc. would also be nice. I honestly love the way the KR one is set up, and if I lived in a region able to play it with a decent ping, I honestly would. (As much as I love this version).

I honestly do not care about the bots. They’re there. They will always be there, free to play, buy to play or pay to play. Doesn’t matter. NCsoft is also getting rid of them gradually, but more pop up easily. They don’t affect me that much, unless its at SSP.

If they have a pay to play server, or a few servers for both NA and EU it would allow them another source of income. From a new different type of cash shop, to a monthly / yearly payment plan. If they introduced this I’d pay for a year or 2 upfront.

I love this game, but I feel the fact that it is free to play is currently ruining the game.. well maybe not ruin but making the game less enjoyable. In terms of player base, the harshness of the RNG boxes (which aren’t that bad on Korea, or have better loot tables) etc. I can only see pros from this type of move, the only con would be the time (which wouldn’t remotely be much. Use one of the servers they remove when they merge 2 together which I can see happening in the foreseeable future.

Not only servers but the servers would differ in mechanics from EVERY other NA/EU server because gem hammers would be as abundant as water. Things actually drop like venture tokens, etc.

I dont like this however. The fact they changed so much to make it F2P also pretty much ruined it to my understanding. There never would have been a gem hammer fiasco if they didnt SHOW the gem hammer as a possible drop and then make its chance to actually be rewarded 0%. I have seen on many Asia players streams on Twitch their INV or Bank has tons of the the things They don’t struggle with not being able to get stuff because the drop rates are higher and they can enjoy playing the game instead of ONLY playing for the sake of collecting things to upgrade. Also one high profile streamer has stated, thought he hasn’t played NA/EU that ALL mob health has been doubled for NA/EU. Pretty sure they meant bosses though not silly things like stonebiters in Cinderlands, etc.

So what is really wanted is something more to the original game that people had played before whatever changes they made for NA/EU that ruined it by trying to micro manage it with putting everything you need as a micro purchase.

So people want to be able to pay the current rate of $35 for 3 months and be able to play the actual game with English (respective language) audio tracks, subtitles, and game text. Again they just need to cut back their horse pucky levels to half for what they changed for all and this wouldnt be needed. Why increase boss health, remove things from RNG, reduce the RNG rates of others? Because they want to nickle and dime you to death with micro purchases to make it free to play, which also makes it impossible to play and get any sort of positive game experience. They just need to undo the majority of whatever NA/EU division did to ruin the game for their profit model.

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