People quitting and then Ranting about the blade and soul

I am sure I will get labeled a White Knight for pointing this out. Because obviously if I disagree with the people who dislike the issues that the game has enough to quit than I am blind to them and will automatically defend the company for no reason.

Why do people quit the game? They quit because their desire to play the game does not out weigh their desire to not deal with whatever it is that irritates them.

Some of them come on the forums and type out long diatribes about how much the game sucks and why they are going to go play something else. My observation is that if it sucks that bad and you hate it that much why are you here talking about it? Why not walk away?

Instead they come here looking for validation from others. They try their hardest to get others to jump on the hate bandwagon and make themselves feel better about being bitter about a game they actually really do want to play. Cause you know, if they didn’t care then why be upset about it.

They talk about how they “Know” the game is dying, and there is no way it is attracting new customers or retaining old ones. Fact is, they have no idea and no way of knowing those things unless they work for NCsofts billing department.

This game exists in multiple markets and sustains itself in multiple markets. These bitter people try to say that NCSoft is killing the game and how they just don’t care. Maybe they don’t, I wouldn’t know, I don’t work for NCSoft. However it doesn’t make any sort of business sense to deliberately drive your cash cow into the ground.

NCSoft is a successful company that has been producing successful games for a very long time. I think they might actually have a handle on what they are doing. But I am sure key board cowboys from all other walks of life know better than they do….. right?

Yes there are bots. All games that have micro-transactions have bots because there is a market for gold. Fact of life.

Yes there are optimization issues. If you cant handle it then it isnt the game for you. No harm no foul, its F2P, nobody is asking you for anything and you still get to play and for the most part you can adjust your settings to compensate and not have to deal with many at all.

OWPVP is unfair or unregulated – You have to put on the dobok to open world pvp. If you dont want to pvp then dont. You arent missing out on anything you cant get elsewhere. It is your choice.

Game is P2W – Nope. It just isnt. There is nothing needed to progress in the game that is available on the cash store that you cannot get in game. Yes it take longer to get it in game. Yes you have to grind stuff out rather than getting instant gratification. Toughen up and pull on your big kid pants and get to grinding if you dont want to take the fast lane by shelling out a few bucks.

Game is a grind fest – Yes there are grind aspects to the game. Are they unreasonable? Nope. At least not to anyone who has played MMO’s for longer than the last 10 years. Having to run a dungeon 50 times to get your weapon t drop because you dont want to by a key to get it after one run is cake compared to running dungeons for months and competing with everyone in your party to get the 1/1000 drop is so much worse. Let alone watching it blow up when you try to over enchant it.

In any case. I am done ranting. For those that are quitting. Goodbye. Best of luck. For those who are sticking it out. Congrats for sticking with it. I look forward to seeing you in game.

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