People who say BnS is dying

they don’t know what they are talking about.Explain how this game is dying?How can you decide it has been hardly be for one month.

People are complaining a lot or just like trolling.Yes the game needs some fixes but other than that its one of the fewest MMORPG which succeeded of becoming one of the most popular atm.

If you think your Black Deset online or any other new MMORPG wont have any bot then you might think again.All mmorpgs have bots and nothing is to an exception.
Lastly,as NCsoft BnS wont be p2w and certainly it isn’t p2w.Arena proves that and i like the pvp system a lot.You can whine all you about p2w games but BnS isn’t one of them and if it is please prove it by making stronger points than mine.

Game’s been out for 3-4 years, NA and EU only for 2 months now or so,lots of people already played other version of it,lots of people actually playing it cause there’s no other MMOs coming out atm. Even if you’re new to this game it gets boring pretty fast.

Gotta consider some people only like PvP (arena) some like only PvE and both of those are kind of small content. PvE becomes by the end of the day just repetitive daily questing for exp/gold. After that more or less people just farm moonwater tears to earn gold. You basically spend couple of hours only on farming bns gold in same short instance after you got your soulshields.

Even after march update it won’t change much,people will just farm naryu lab in hopes of getting legendary box,this game doesn’t offer much and if you only like arena aspect of the game then it gets boring even sooner,becomes like MOBA = repetitive,same map same enemy class rotation.

I’m assuming in your signature on forum that are your main and alt characters? sorry but if having fun in a game is by making alts then there’s something wrong with the game,and im not saying this just to you,i know lots of people who have many alts and many said when i told them i was bored,they told me : go lvl new class and have fun……
Not gonna do that just so i don’t get bored in a game…

Now before you say anything or ask me why do i still play this game, Il just answer it ahead.

1. As i already said there’s not really any other MMO out there that just came out for our region,not for my taste at least.
2. Im not hating the game im just saying that it lacks content in general and i know that a lot of people will leave soon as some better game comes out. Icarus Online,Revelation Online,Lost Ark,Bless Online.

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