Petition for more character slots!(9 classes & only 8 slots currently)

We seriously need the option to have more character slots.. When you factor in how many classes are in total on KR there are not even enough slots to make every class lol. Many games offer upward of 10+ character slots I don’t see the point of so heavily limiting the character amount per account.

We should be allowed to buy more than 2 slot expansion items in the ncshop. Capping it at 2 which gives us a total of 8 slots is just silly unless there is some very real server or whatever limitation that stops each account from being able to exceed 8 but I really doubt it.

Yes you can say “Just make another account” but because of the really expensive “premium rank” system on BNS west, making 2 accounts is really really not ideal… it costs over half a thousand dollars in ncoin to reach max premium rank and use things like the portable bank so having 2 accounts would be REALLY expensive not to mention how much extra you would have to do to keep one up to date with the other…

I think the minimum character slot amount should be AT LEAST 10. I am really surprised this hasnt been talked about more but I suppose most have never played on the other regions and dont realize how many classes there are in BNS vs the amount of slots you can fill..

Total Classes so far(and there is ANOTHER on the way)

NA will catch up at some point and have all these classes and unless there is a way to add more slots people will be forced to exclude certain classes from their lineup… or be forced to make a new account with its own set of premium rank nonsense =/

if you play 100% free i guess this doesnt affect you since you can just make multiple accounts but honestly I dont think many are trying to spend ridiculously more time leveling & doing other things market wise, crafting wise etc.

The game is purposely a much slower grind and heavily more restricted if you dont have the premium benefits due to the game being F2P. In light of this a simpler fix would be to simply let us have AT LEAST 10 character slots. of course more would be welcome. Ncsoft & Bloodlust are only losing money by not allowing more character slots as more characters would = potential more characters for people to spend money on for outfits & other junk.

I hope we can get enough attention to this before its some time later & people are forced to make other accounts just to use a different class.

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