Point of costumes? (just cosmetic?)

Just so I get this straight – the costumes in the game (both that drop ingame, and that are purchased through cash shop) – are just cosmetics?
Not that Im complaining, I just want to make sure Im not missing anything…

If that is indeed true – that makes for some interesting mechanics. In essence, for me as a min/maxer, costumes would mean nothing, I can lvl til max lvl 50 in the “noobie” costume and not care about looks, as long as Im effective in PVE/PVP. Once Im done lvling and getting the best gear (weapon, soul, accessories), I can start “looking for looks” – pardon the pun!

Also that effectively could mean that some in-game dropped costumes are more rare then the cash shop ones. (farming one in game takes more effort then just whipping out a credit card – assuming cash shop prices are not outrageous, since its all just for looks).

So am I right or am I wrong – all costumes, (except the PVP-faction ones) are just for looks and do not provide/enable **any** new features?

a player discuss
I heard that sunglasses protect from assassins flash grenade. *just kidding
Costumes don´t provide any new features, yet, but depending on your appearance you can look intimidating or like a complete clown so that your enemy loses focus(Psychological warfare).Costumes can also be used to blend into the battleground, if NCSoft for example ever brought out a military camouflage costume for assassins, then gn8^^
The same applies in the woods, city and so on, if you wear a bright red costume while doing Openword PvP you´re definately doing sth wrong.
That´s why costumes do matter, even if it´s only 1%. This 1% visbility can determine win or loss.

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