Profane Jiangshi Outfit Gone?

So I was looking through the Wardrobe and trying to tell a friend of mine to look at what was my favorite skin from Closed Beta and… I noticed it’s not there anywhere. Which I find very odd and confusing considering it was essentially a drop from a world boss, specifically from the Orchard of Souls Profane Jiangshi Wheel of Fate. The Face Adornment is still there (“Profane Jiangshi’s Secret”) that you can get from that wheel, but not the skin. At least.. it’s not in the Wardrobe. Was it removed from the game? Or is it still there and just not showing in the Wardrobe for some reason? Cause I reeeeeally loved the skin and I’m going to be super sad if it was removed for some reason.

I’ll include a couple of screenshots of what it looked like in Closed Beta since I don’t remember the skin’s exact name. Sorry the screenshots are a bit garbage because I had my graphics turned down at the time. The skin was super awesome too because the tail on the back kind of had it’s own physics and looked kinda like a devil’s tail during combat. Was pretty sweet.



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