Punishment for Undergear and BNS Delaying Players

Besides the obvious bots, spammers, and cheaters. I feel like there needs to be something done about these players too that ruins the fun for everyone else.
If players enters Naryu with less than True Pirate and 50% crt from soulshields, they will get a warning and if they do it at least a few times. They get locked out of the dungeon for a week.
If players enters Bloodshade with anything lower than Awaken Pirate and 45% crt from soulshields than that player will get a warning and if they repeat this a few times than they will get locked from this dungeon for a week.

With the right Soulshield set + crt fuse, you can easily get over 50% crt.

This will teach them to not go into a dungeon while they’re undergeared. You guys know what im talking about when you see at least 3 players on only siren in dungeons like bloodshade and Naryu.

A new system that auto kicks anyone with less than true siren in the 24 man nightshade raid and auto kick anyone with less than awaken siren in the 24 man blackram supply raid.

People that goes afk in the dungeon because they have to do something should be punishable because why the hell would you que for a big dungeon if you have to do something in real life. Answering the door for your daily mail and going into the bathroom takes a minute. And if you have something else important to do than don’t que for the dungeon so that way you don’t waste a few minutes of the other party member’s time. Same goes for people that needs to go back to repair. Your suppose to have your weapon repaired 100% before the dungeon.

The punishment should be any player that goes back to repair gets auto kicked. Any player that disconnect gets auto kick and any player that goes afk for at least a minute gets auto kicked. I’m sorry but if you’re taking over a minute than your obviously not *just going to the bathroom or opening the door for your mail

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