Inability to run Naryu Lab due to it crashing BNS

OR let them be sold to people that HATE Mushin's Tower so they can progress. I would trade for the stupid warrior tokens if they weren't unable to trade. what you need, a moonstone? some money what? oh, you can't trade them so some people are jsut stuck, when there

Point of costumes? (just cosmetic?)

Just so I get this straight - the costumes in the game (both that drop ingame, and that are purchased through cash shop) - are just cosmetics? Not that Im complaining, I just want to make sure Im not missing anything... If that is indeed true - that makes for some interesting

Blade And Soul Pve or Pvp Game?

At the moment I don't think pve players will be satisfied since there's no endgame content, but within 1-2 months of release they should start adding more if they don't add some for release. Pve can actually be pretty difficult and fun from what I've tried on the Asian servers