Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus

The person who keep crying about Red spin in 6v6, First off you stand in it and you attack them then you cry that they keep spamming it ? For real ? Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus, meaning if you stand away and stop attacking they are out of focus easily before you know it in like 15 second of total, Red spin is broken skill that got many gap that may break it by dragging skills.

Do you know how much Destroyer survive in 6v6 ? while every class able to have their amazing 100-0 skills beside their amazing escapes, Iframe and immune; Destroyer need to gave up on their blue buff for the love of the 100-0 red buff making them having 1 escape only, Destroyer need to gave up their stun on shield because they need it to protect themself and gave up Bltiz stun because they need drag daze effect; you know that leave Destroyer with only red spin that work ever 1 min, Stun that work every 30 second, Shield that last 8 second, easy to break by attacking from behind or Defense ignore skills and ofcourse 45 second CD, 2 Iframe that work every 12 and 24 second while ofcourse only 3 daze effect one of them is mostly require defense to break and only 1 knockdown and 18 second grab (saying you will use normal grab ) that work only if there cc on the target.

Tell me now how hard it bypass that crap ? Why I never see someone cry about how FM got ability of 100-0 , endless free focus counter, 2 shield , amazing healing, Projectile protection, 2 escapes with 30 second only is weak or at the bottom and free cc grab?or maybe cry about BD that got 2 immunes, escape from grab beside their normal escape, grab that require no cc and got the effect of destroyer grab (Blocking frontal attacks, Stacks of crit bonus and ofcourse resistant effect ) add to that their grab got bladestorm that make nice damage and add that they got badge that make them reset their grab, wow amazing ? No one cry about that for real ? Ofcourse same talk apply to every class

I will tell you a little story about tonight battleground, one of my team mate was FM against warlock and BM, He was able to keep counter, Shield himself and heal against them alone.
Once I showed up with my destroyer, You know what happen ? It was like they saw a little cute weak thing to attack and rekt me down easily with their stupid fire build and warlock dps add to them the rest of thrall skills bamp even with my 8 second shield it was useless since I got my back open.

And now let’s talk about 1v1 for Destroyer and how they are amazing op there ? First off you know what warlock do against destroyer to win ? Ahh yes they put nice damage on you that enough to 100-0 then if you evade that you will get a thrall then a reset of their 100-0And a good FM can toy around easily with destroyer ,So yah that there to put, KFM able to toy around with destroyer special if they stand still in their emberstomp while it hard to catch down KFM because Iframe and ofcourse their evade effect or counter skills, Mention counter how does it feel to have counter that require no focus and able to be spammed for both KFM and FM ? While Destroyer spin is easily breaking with pierce parry and ofcourse knockdown ?

And ofcourse as in other topic, Someone say it op that Destroyer got many Iframe and second escape ? For real Blue buff = no red buff = no 100-0 while that many Iframe is about what ? 1min to 12 second CD; Blue buff is 1 min CD, Red spin is 45 or 60 second CD while other 2 Iframe is 24 and 12 second

SF and BM, The lovely thing I love about this classes ; BM got endless block that only can be breaking with our F knee while good BM able to spam and cancel block so it get wasted while ofcourse they drag me and stun me, got escape from my grab and they can at any second 100-0 with their no CD dragontongue, now SF ? What the hell was on the mind of the person that created SF ? Giving them endless I frame, Powerful 100-0 , Able to 100-0 you while you are knockdown and break your defense ability skills for 5 second while you can’t escape neither counter them , Powerful healing and for last their freeze effect.

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