Rerolling and moreover quitting the game

For some of us its already too late, but i wouldn’t recommend this class to anyone. The worst thing in any mmo is feel that all your time and energy has been completely wasted and thats how your gonna feel when you play this class for PVE. PVE destroyer is by far the lowest damage output even on top tier destroyers and will be so until Black tower is released(2-3 months) and we have already been in the lowest tier for dps since 50. Whoever designed the grab mechanic for PVE thinks its enjoyable for people to AFK for 6-8 seconds every 30 seconds.

This drives me completely mad. While I barely manage to beat 2 minute timer, all other guys in same gear are already killing Naksun under 1 minute. Feels like spit in the face.

Also all this pvp is not really that bright as it seems. Especially now, when every destroyers move can be countered in some way, while ppl run around with complete invuls and stuff. You can achieve something as pvp destroyer, but you have to be really good. Its not just spin-to-win as people usually think.

Just being able to move and cleave at the same time would be a nice dps increase, I’ve never felt like my dps was that far behind other classes and unless someone plays extremely well they don’t beat me. The dps each class can put out in this game is insane for our current content, every single dungeon can be duo’d by any class as it is currently. Yes, other classes can do more dps with equal gear assuming the person playing them is good, but I enjoy my destroyer far more than my other classes that put out more dps anyway.

As for your points 1/2, I often end up getting more PP than other people simply because monsters die so quickly the dps I put out during fury/emberstomp is much greater than other classes, and as far as Naksun goes, killing him at end game gear takes 1-2 minutes for most classes, destroyer included. Ranged classes have a massive advantage on floor 14 of the tower.

I agree with this 100%. PvE destroyer is laughable and it’s really irritating for players like myself who hav close to 700 AP so rerolling isn’t something im willing to do at this point. Meanwhile summoners complain they can’t kill Ironheart in 30s and Naksun in under a minute anymore wen destroyers take 2 minutes on each of them even if ur really gud at them. I’d b lucky to ever get over 17k sustained dps even with under 50 ping wen meanwhile my friends can pump out 24-27k and im not even that far behind them in gear.

U can’t solo yeti with 600 AP bud. TJXX confirmed this with their solo which i used as a guide to help me clear it and i barely was able to on 6m post nerf with 675 AP. Yes tanking with a des is very ez and yes u can keep bosses like naksun, mushin, and junghado locked down almost indefinately. the issue lies in the dps of the class. everything else is fine we just need some more power behind our hits. i don’t like feeling like a wet noodle even wen im giving it my all.

Rerolling and moreover quitting the game because of something like dps is the must retarded reason I have ever heard, Like seriously Dps. Every 4 months or so there is the BnS skill change where nearly are skills are rebalanced. Before the last skill change, BM were not even counted as a dps class and sum were the master class in term of dps. All these changed only after one skill change which happen every 4 to 5 months. No one knows which is the next class to be buff or nerf in the incoming skills changes but some are ready to leave because of something so variable.

Even more, Destro are not discriminated because of their dps. They are even more demanded now because they boost the overall party damage.I am always happy when I see a destro/BD in my party but I am quite amazed when players call thier own class useless because they cannot do “damage”, really? Talking about discrimination, I do not know if some of you played at the level 45 endgame content but sorry tell to you that but the frustration you experience now is nothing in comparison to what sin experienced during that patch. During the level 45 endgame content, we, sin were considered as the most useless class in the game because at that time we brough nothing to a party. I, personally was kicked out of a naryu lab run in the pug not because I didn’t have the Ap but only because I was a sin. But I didn’t “quit” or “reroll” a sum because I love my class enough to overcome that.

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