Natural sized for the character

I would actually be in support of a few more sliders to adjust shape. There's something about the Gon chest region that looks off..they're too flat up top, and too much pointy at the nip...not sure how to explain it best, but big (and small) breasts tend to follow a

Everybody knows summoners are a broken class

They know that it is an issue. NCSoft will not do anything about it. They wont hear you out. Summoners are worst in 6v6 imo. The heal, endless knockdown, and stupid grabs are too much to deal with. If they have crit def, you'll spend days killing them...DAYS! You better

Blade and Soul NA Impressions So in short you don't like PvE because it lacks the western Tank/Healer classes? That's stupid and narrow minded of you. The game is based on how well you play a class, timing and skill point distribution. Unlike the western games where you beg people to be a tank to

Friggin BnS support is useless

Did BnS change server location or something yesterday? I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and on the Mushin server. Starting yesterday my in-game latency has just been terrible between 200-300ms. Previously it held a stable 100-150ms. Nothing has changed at all on my end, and I have confirmed via traffic Presenting Trove Flux at Cheap Prices Presenting Trove Flux at Cheap Prices is offering Trove Flux or Trove Chaos Chests at very reasonable prices. R4PG is known for providing large collection of game currencies, fast transactions, round the clock customer support service and assured transactional security for customers. Speaking to media, a representative from said, “Yes, cheap Trove Flux is now

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