RoIStore Offers Riders of Icarus Gold For Faster Gaming Experience

Riders of Icarus, known in Korea as Icarus Online, is a free to play action MMORPG from Nexon which focuses on fast paced, exhilarating mounted combat. Step into a breathtaking fantasy world and take off into the sky on one of hundreds of trainable fantasy mounts. Work with friends and fellow players to overcome obstacles great and small, both airborne and ground-based, and master the game’s melee combo system to lay waste to your enemies. In Riders of Icarus, the world is vast, majestic, and ever expanding, and dares players to discover its secrets and overcome its challenges. The sky is no longer the limit; it’s only the beginning! Presently have Riders of Icarus Gold for the players of PC in stock. Players would be able to purchase the best estimated Icarus Gold, from this store, for their daily RoI sessions.

Riders of Icarus Key Features

Hundreds of Mounts – Riders of Icarus features hundreds of wild beasts, from bears to dragons, that players can tame, train, and ride into combat. The mounts literally add a whole new dimension to gameplay, allowing characters to move through the world vertically and horizontally!

Face Epic Challenges – Team up with friends and face tough bosses and overwhelming odds in the sky and on the ground. Overcome the challenge, and earn fortune, glory, and loot, all while riding a fire breathing dragon.

Melee Combo System – Combat in Riders of Icarus is fast paced and dynamic. The Melee Combo system allows you to chain together moves and attacks in myriad ways. Tailor your attacks to your enemy!

The Riders of Icarus Gold of RoIStore is a trademark of the Riders of Icarus named as Legends. Users of RoIStore can get the classic players from the differing epochs of football like, Dennis Bergkamp and Pele. The least expensive Icarus Gold of RoIStore help the gamers to obtain the best potential to construct the best Riders of Icarus group.

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