I’m not a feminist,skimpy females in games don’t personally affect ME in any way but I find the fact they’re used to sell the game and not the gameplay itself degrading to,not females,but the gaming society in general.What’s next,Club Penguin nude mods?

What class do you play? You just need to predict their blocks/ jumps and q/e behind them when they dash to you. Try not to tab while their knockdown is up or their comet strike is up.

I’m so confused.. please somebody help. I try to make an account and then download the game, but when I hit download, it takes me to a page and it says, “Sorry, you do not meet the minimum requirements.” Please help me. I made multiple accounts with different ages and whatnot to see if that was the problem, but it’s not.

I met you and became a fan because of League, not because of this. Please be active again, you haven’t posted for a week now. And you don’t know how much happiness you give me with your videos.

nha gold really isnt the big daddy here, its plat, silver is just filled with bots (atleast for now.) so its pretty many free wins, even tough i must compliment him considering he is a kung fu master, which is considered the hardest class by many.

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