Speed Hacking – suggestion to solve it

Hello friends, i come here today, to raise awareness on the hacking situation and propose a easy way to solve it, but also would like to know your general input.

This is not new, and it has only getting worse and worse, specially with soulstone plains factions missions. how many people havent been in a mining phase and saw at a distance a player from the opposing faction , teleporting and flashing towards your group, killed a bunch of you with a gun and then flashed back to safety, because they are untargetable? Well lately i see this everyday. If u dont… just do a quick research on youtube and you can see a bunch of videos showing hackers.
Yes i contacted support with video proof of the player in question, and yes they told me he was already under investigation, but this process takes time…

well discussing in server chat, i found out a great number of people suffer from this everyday, and a good easy fix, would be to implement an invisible GM at the faction areas, cause here is where people are getting more harmed by others that uses hacks, in particular speed hack to flash to a group farm their prestige, get pouches , get soulstones, sell, get bns gold… meaning they are exploiting the game by getting an huge advantage while harming and disturbing the general gameplay. I believe NCSoft dont want to lose players and money at the same time, although using GameGuard, that proves that is able to been turned off and not flagg exploiters/hackers. with a simple google search i discovered that they easily bypass gameguard by disabling and setting some parameters…. And for that reason im suggesting that a good solution is a invisible GM, “not a program or software that can be fooled by hacking”. In this way any illegal activity can be spotted and analised on site, the logs and the movement packages on a suspicious player could be checked in real time.

Regardless you are a crimson or cerulean, i think the majority of people want to enjoy a clean game 😉

We only wish we could get real people to come in game and flag these people, even if it was just a single GM person responding to a “report hacker” right-click. It would certainly be more effective then sending in video and watching the bots stick around for weeks on end while their support team ‘investigates’. Sadly this will never happen.

The best suggest I have seen thrown around a few times so far is simply to remove the weapon crates. If it they didn’t have the ability to kill the entire other faction on the spot, there would be little meaning to even using the hacks in the first place.

We had a high ranked PvPer try to kill us legitly today on Mushin. Props to him for not giving into the dark side, first non-hacking red i’ve seen in a week 😀 He managed to force grip a few guys into the terrors but basically got his shit kicked in or forced to leave or wait for help to take on smaller groups. On the other hand, six of the other seven attempts at a mining phase I went to today were ruined by a single speedhacker (the same one) with one of those idiotic masks on. SSP is basically a ghost town for the hours that he is playing the last few days. We kill Sujlin in a matter of seconds with 40+ people but by the time the first wave is half over he shows up and killed dozens of people over and over. Naturally people don’t want to bother having their time wasted like that, they leave and the waves kill the npcs. I have only even SEEN Grindtooth three times this weekend. We had several people doing nothing but soley trying to kill him, myself included, and the best we were able to do would be to knock the weapon out of his hands only to have him zoom away in the direction of the nearest crater to return a few seconds later.

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