Struggling to keep playing

Heya all, I need some help here. Maybe I am missing a few key points to this game, not 100% sure. I really like the combat, and a number of aspects about this game. But I am having difficulty seeing where this game will ever improve to not be the yawn-fest, lame-day, daily-grind experience it has become.
General PvE and Dungeons – I have completed all the game content save for things like Yeti-4 man. And the 4-mans just don’t interest me. I do not see the benefit in 4-mans. To me, costumes can rot in the boss’s loot list.
Dailies Dailies Dailies – I don’t want to grind 24/7. The way this game is designed, it seemed like it was a neat idea at first. But its an insane grind fest where you do the same things over and over… relatively indefinitely for one to many resources. This just gets boring, doing this stuff every day even with their fun-ish combat system.
Alting – I am not an alt-person. I like to stick with 1-2 mains and thats it. Besides the upgrade system in BnS is soooo alt unfriendly that its nigh impossible to keep multiple toons geared unless you play 30-60 hours per week,
Arena system – The arena is neat, but I can only stumoch so much of it per day. I do my dailies, and a bit more. Sometimes I get a few guildees and we hop into 3v3 and have a laugh or two at it. I am platinum 1v1 and bns gold 3v3. I am not a super pvper, but I like it in small doses.

World pvp – I liked a few of the world pvp objectives zones except for the soulstone plains. That openworld field can suck it. It was designed & implemented horribly. It can definitely be salvaged, but I don’t believe they will do this.

Main Gear & progression – So after playing a while, I have Awakend Pirate 10 wep, Awakend Sire 10 and True siren 10 accessories. Awakend Oathrbeaker belt, Moonwater soul, Decent Yeti/Scorp combo SS, decent gems in my weapon and more. I feel pretty solid. At this moment, every upgrade is so small in gains that it feels like im kicking myself in the nuts. To do these same bull-crap dailies and events for blade and soul gold and resources to upgrade and get little out of it feels demoralizing.
Gear upgrade costs – Along with the gear progression, it just feels like it takes too long for a normal player to upgrade their gear. Power players get their gear upgraded in a reasonable time frame. A hard core player gets their gear upgraded quickly. I have the feeling this game was designed for hardcore players and absolutely not for normal players.

How to show off what you’ve accomplished, or flex skill / gear? – how are others showing off with the gear they earned? What sets you apart? I mean, what good is everything we’re working, slaving for, grinding our asses off for unless you can…
do something well that others cannot
do something much much quicker that others
destroy players quickly in open world pvp
generally have the setup that other people want

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