Suggestion: Improvements To Weapon Skinning UI

I know there have been other threads concerning the weapon skinning system, but I don’t think anyone has made a suggestion quite like this. If they have already, I apologise in advance. I did a search but it’s not possible for me to read every post in every thread about the subject.

That being said, here is my idea/reasoning behind it-

Since a large portion of BnS involves it’s cosmetic appeal, skinning a weapon to match an outfit can be better implemented to encourage more players to actually utelize it. Although I know some of you probably don’t find this to be important, I’ve often found myself wishing that I could just change my weapons appearance at will without worrying that I’ll loose a skin later on down the line if I find one I like better.

Additionally, many skins are cash shop items in addition to requiring bns gold to apply. I always thought it was an annoying flaw in Aion’s skinning system that skins were not only 1 time use (or limited use for re-skinning, involving a piece of skinned gear being destroyed in the process) but were so expensive that most players wait until late game to participate in it’s fasion. I’m surprised to see this problem repeated with weapon skinning in this game when it’s soul shields have single handedly solved the gear skinning issues other games have.

What I propose is this- a system where, when a player skins a weapon, that skin is added to a list on a UI that appears on the glamor tab. Different appearances are saved here, and can be selected to be re-applied at no cost, so that the player only needs to pay to save the skin once. The player can then switch between, and collect appearances. It could be called “appearance extraction” or something, where the appearance of a weapon is extracted and saved to this list.

In addition to this, it would be interesting if the different transformation stages of our weapons that alter their appearance as they level up were also saved to that list. That way if someone likes one of those appearances, they can revert to it at no cost.

I think players would be more likely to purchase cash shop weapon skins if they had the reassurance that they could keep them forever in this manner.

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