Suggestion to balance faction PVP

We all know that faction PVP is highly unfair, and that it needs some greater improvement. Some servers are dominated by cerulean, while others by crimson, making it so the other faction is rendered useless and unable to fight back or, worst of all players cannot do their dailys because other players keep harassing and killing them over and over.
My suggestion would be to make it so once someone puts on a faction uniform, it teleports them to an area (like arena does) that looks the exact same, and is still open world PVP, however like arena the system takes their stats vs their enemies stats and balances them so that if a player were to be attacked it would be a fair fight. You could still do the very same dailys, fight terrors and blackwyrm and everything you normally do in any faction area, but the players fighting would be more fair.

Now lets say it was one cerulean character against 30 or so crimsons. A second suggestion would be that a player can only be killed a certain number of times per day by the enemy faction. That way after the kill number is up for that day, the player can do their dailys without someone harassing them for hours on end, and the less populated faction can be happy that at the very least they were finally able to kill Kit Chul or Waido.

Of course there will be people against this idea who like the game the way it is, those people are most likely in the dominated faction servers who are in the winning faction and like being able to bully and harass the other players. Think of it like this, when your entire server is forced to join one faction or when you cant even have a little fight against the enemy, how is that any fun at all? Don’t you want a challenge or some diversity?

At the end of the day you’re not fighting an enemy faction, these are players … they’re humans… and even though my server is dominated by crimsons I’d like it if my cerulean friends could finally kill Kit Chul without being killed for 10 hours straight repeatedly. So here’s my suggestion, I hope the devs see it. I do love and care about this game a lot, it has so much potential and faction PVP is one of the many things that needs to be improved.

Please do not say “just dont wear uniform” or some other worthless comment like that because lets be honest, that’s not going to fix the problem.

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