The cash reward doesn’t match

I don’t know about other but i still play this game just because i have already spent a lot of money buying ncoins, so i dont have another option. About the content is shit and the game experience is even worst those with money are the only ones that enjoy the game because the are above of everyone in BG and dungeons. To get gold the only way is grinding and grinding soulplains and it gets boring after a while. They gave us some ‘help’ giving us the chance of getting gold tru challenge daily box and the ginseng thing that u buy with seeds but the drop is so extremely rare as seeing a while lion.

So in conclusion today, if you don’t have gold you wont be able to advance at least you spend the whole day playing, then this is no game of a casual player this is a game for a guy with no live only if you don’t have money, by other side this is a perfect game for a casual player with tons of money because be realistic man, the game events . . . are only for player with job or a rich fathers.

And here i can already tell you have no idea. All this tells you is the speed of your line and ping to the server. It does not show you the entire route to the server. Run pingplotter and check then and you will see a spike in one of the connection points before you actually reach the bns server.

I also hated the addition of the DPS meter – I can’t do any more than 15k dps with 687 AP, 61% crit chance and 210% or so crit damage. Meanwhile I’ve run into warlocks with 600 AP who can do 17k dps easily, and FMs with the same stats as me who do 20-22k dps. It’s utterly unbearable to feel so slow and useless even after putting in the same amount of work as them.

Also, the new dungeon, Desolate Tomb, feels really gimmicky. It feels like it just has arbitrary mechanics just for the sake of having arbitrary mechanics, and I’m not sure how it makes for a fun fight when you have to read a guide to people for half an hour each time you try and do a dungeon. The cash reward doesn’t match the trickiness/arbitrarily unforgiving nature of the dungeon – completion should reward at least 10-15 gold, no buts, no questions.

It also doesn’t help that my guild disbanded not that long ago, and now I don’t have any dedicated teammates to work with anymore. I didn’t even really like the game that much these past few months, I just stayed because I really liked the people I played with. Now that they’re gone, there’s nothing left for me here.

Even if I tried joining another guild, I’ve been gone for a month or so now, and 687 AP is probably considered substandard by now. 15k dps is also pretty pathetic, and I’m not sure anyone would take in an Australian FM, even if they were familiar with all the dungeon mechanics.

Those players that have CHOSEN to play despite the ping frustration, thet language barriers, and game design. They blessed the day NA was announced. Cus we can finally play with better ping/not hav to be bilingual or use google translate. Cus, we enjoy the game as it is. The added assistance from the na devs is the cherry on top. We dont get handouts in the asian servers from the devs, cus we cant even complain.

Just, acknowledge that this game is not totally value-less. For some, we stay with this game for the things we’ve loved from time in memorial and have compromised with things MUCH WORSE than the issues in NA bns. This game wasnt for you bcus it wasnt a customer friendly design as would be fruitful for an american playerbase. This game is not an american game and cannot totally change to meet american valued expectations. Note, these expectations are what make the gaming evolution great because in america games profit by listening to players.

But this isnt the game to look for that, sadly. NA developers can only do so much. They already have to negotiate with kr to implement some of the changes. They cant just boss kr around. Nor do they hav that much control over the game mechanics. (I think? Is rng specific to the regional developers or the head source in kr only).

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