The combat helps bring in something

They’re giving it average review scores, which in all fairness is pretty accurate. aside from the combat there’s not a lot that this game is doing that isn’t being done better elsewhere. the quests are super repetitive, dungeons and their resulting boss fights are not particularly interesting, and the graphics are not up to the same level as many other mmo’s.

Statement of outdated graphics is always a hilarious remark to me. While graphics can improve certain situations, making graphics the bleeding edge always dooms games today because there just aren’t enough people with the hardware to take advantage of such graphics and thus it ends up being a colossal waste of resources and time.

The combat helps bring in something … “fresh” but I think with a boring and aged quest system as well as a rather … mediocre story line, combat and pvp are the things going for BnS and not everyone likes to pvp, or maybe the combat system is a bit hard to get used to.

Another thing is that it takes a while to get to some real meaty content. Around lvl17-19, can’t recall, you finally get a “choice” in how you want to skill build, now from leveling a few characters this can take about 7-9 hours or so? And that’s with skipping all the text for quests/story. Maybe why we have so many people drop out early on.

Well, I will have to disagree there. All Guild Wars 2 is moved the goal post, and in most of the side ventures, pulled out the middle man, but otherwise, the questing is still pretty much the same even there. Except there instead of watching a counter, you fill up a bar, same scenario, a few extra repetitive actions on how you do it.

I’m going to compare this to Tera since they were both older games released here in the west and… hate to say it but, Tera was way more polished, had far less bugs, and a MUCH better f2p model after it did go f2p… problems just keep mounting up… over all is it fun? sure… if you can deal with all the BS you have to put up with.

Main issues i am having are… dailys being broken, bosses resetting during battle while still in there specified area/arena, not enough cash per mission… and items being stupidly over priced, along with the *cricket* poor crafting system… lets be honest here this isn’t end all be all game people expected it to be. Its a GOOD pvp game if you just enjoy arena outside of that? not so sure its great and NA isn’t exactly well known for its competitive pvp in mmos we like PVE content first and pvp second in most cases.

Well, I saw Elsword changed it’s graphics after how many years. Now that’s a sidescroller game, and changing the graphics in blade and soul would take so much time, technology, planning, and money that all countries probably don’t want to invest in. Plus, well…just as you said. Not everyone can afford $1000 Alienware for eye popping wowza graphics. It’s not like you really need good graphics to enjoy the Blade and Soul storyline. It’s kind of like playing a game action martial arts comic, which is pretty cool. Did I mention the high quality costumes?

The game is not perfect, that is for sure. The game we have is also 3 years old and missing the vast majority of the content that currently exists…that doesn’t help, at all. Does it deserve those scores? No, imo it doesn’t = it gets a solid 8 from me. But see that is the thing, those reviews are biased whether they claim to be objective or not because those reviewers have their own opinions too. Try it out yourself – are you having fun? Then who gives a @#$@ about what two very old, cranky gaming review sites say about the game. Do you listen to movie reviewers? They @#$@ all over fun, entertaining movies all the time that they personally just don’t like…same deal with games.

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