The graphical problems and limitations comes from the engine itself

That’s my only advice for you. It will actually be worse than BnS in almost every way possible. Story, combat, graphics, and even the environment. Heck especially the environment. That’s what instantly turned me off about the bloody thing. It looks so boring and uninspiring, like walking through the Cinderlands x1,000,000. Just don’t bother. Consider this your PSA.

But people will still move cause they will think that the servers are better than those we have here, the game is more stable and all classes will be balanced, less farming, easier to upgrade and stuff like that. But they are missing the fact that its a chinese MMO and they tend to be grindy to the bottom of their keyboards. Also dont forget MY is known to be a P2W company and god knows how that will turn out (For example people thought BDO will be better than BnS, yet it turned out worse than anything ever made, coincidence?). Its all about how the publisher is going to handle the game and the only publisher that is able to handle a game well is NC (maybe because their sub-companies are responsible for the games themselves? coincidence?).

But ya, I feel sorry for you. You’re going to go from a nice Ferrari to an old, busted up Ford (Not saying that Ford is a bad company or anything, just couldn’t think up of many other car companies at the instant). Anyway, enjoy your ripped off game play made by a P2W company. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. After all, there’s a reason why no one has heard of their developer/publishers before. At least NCsoft has had success in the past.

At least in Blade and Soul most of the graphical problems and limitations comes from the engine itself, not from the design of the game (yes, the game is 5 years old when UE4 wasnt even considered making). RO on the other side have its own engine and with this comes a vast universe of problems. I was watching a streamer play it at CTB 2 weeks ago and I was disgusted by the graphics and the handling of those graphical problems (putting aside the chinese text). The fact that the FPS is again limited and there was FPS drops aswell.

But just wait for the opening of the servers, you cant really get a good feeling about how the servers will handle the game with only a short amount of people getting in (and even at this CBT there was like 2-3h queue times, I was just stunned for a CBT to have login queues). During the CBT of BnS, I didnt experience a login queue even once. So this speaks bad for the game. No loading screens and only 1 zone is the equivalent of bad lag (I experienced that in Aion a while ago during sieges and stuff), this wount make the game better, it will make the gameplay a living hell (I hope I am wrong about this, but my experience tells me otherwise).

I’m not sure what you wanna say with that they have a forum ….and alot of ppl said good things …. anyway i don’t care if ppl wanna play it or not … i don’t like it i think is kinda shity …. what i don’t understand is this type of post where ppl cry cry cry about BNS … and how bad is this game … but they are still on forums… maybe in the game too…. and they keep telling us that they will quit …. that they will go and play RO which is much better (is just a copy ) ….or idk what game ….. I will say one thing …don’t think someone care what are you gonna do….

This game is not BnS nor a BnS copycat so stop saying that. This game reminds me more of Tera and its combat system as well as questing system. I’m not going to quit BnS because I have put too much work into it and I like the combat. However, I’m prefer to play more traditional MMOs so RO will eat up a good deal of time away from BnS. The game is more stable in terms of network connectivity and its engine is optimized to work with pretty much any system out there. So if you like a good traditional MMO and the Asian theme give it a try when the open beta begins.

I think that’s what it is, RO combat does not seem like dps but rather roles/styles of different forms of damage dealing. Like so far with the occultist and summoner the spells r largely clunky bcus you can’t cast things during a current spell’s animation. I cud be totally wrong tho. so it feels like a turn based combat where it’s like one skill animation after another. (I guess that is simply anicanceling).

For the record most people have already quit BnS, and it’s not all because of RO. Personally I do plan to play RO, but I’m waiting for OBT and more translations. Not sure why everyone says BnS has the best combat, because it doesn’t. BnS combat does not even compare to games like Tera and Dragon Nest where you actually have to dodge with with dedicated dodge skills on a really low cd.

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