The issue that seemed to be present was the Chroma Feature


I’m happy to hear you are working on this. I don’t have any Razer or Asus services and still experience lag/delay problems despite not having any through all CBT. Connecting through WTFast solved it for me partially, (I managed to get from 180 to 30 ping) but for some reason, Cross Server Dungeon doesn’t work for me when I connect like this. I just hope everything will be resolved soon and I’ll be able to experience smooth gameplay like when I was playing in Closed Beta.

im just going to wait for you guys to fix it. Everytime the game crashes it also crashes my pc so i cant even access my task manager, i have to turn it off and on again. i dont own any razor stuff but my pc is asus and so is my keyboard. Please fix this asap.

While the bug IS centered around Razer (As signified by some error reports), it’s not specifically a Razer product or any softwares. The issue that seemed to be present was the Chroma Feature (On by default) triggering some type of communication failure to peripherals (Razer & Non-Razer) in which case, Game Guard was snapping at it and causing an error.

I did everything and it didnt work. im like 5 min into the game and the game crashes my computer i either get a white screen or a black screen after that i cant do anything and i have to turn the power off and on. this is really sad because i really wanted to play.

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