The little confused on a few things

I tried to gather some informations before i start to play but i got a little confused on a few things.

1) Is it possible to buy character slot tickets from ingame with ingame money without using real money? I read something like trading ingame gold for NC money and other people saying that its only possible by trading with some other player who used real money….opposite opinons…who is right?

1.5) and in the case that gold way is possible, how hard is to farm enought to buy a ticket? If possible im planing to go up to the 8 possible slots.

2) Mailing items to alt characters. Someone say its possible, someone say it impossible untill you use NC money, someone say its more luck the else cause they still cant after using NC money. Again, too many different opinions.

3) Is there some things that a newcomer must know before starting the game to avoid regretting some early choice? I ve read of lot of different item that could be usefull later on and quest that have to be farmed daily to start save the rewards for future, as example.

4) Till now im using all the leftover weapons on my hongmoon and used keys (random ones, not the class specific) and talisman only to get the staff required for the breacktrough.
Im around lvl 12 and i just moved to the place where dark skinned zombie walk around a village…and waiting to go to the place where i can drop the weapon for the “thing after breacktrough” (weap lvl 10). I hope to be doing fine cause the weap required is in a place that i still havent visited.

5) And dailies…where i can find them? I read everywhere “do your dailies” but i cant see any…
tried to wear the faction outfit but no quest appeared on the map; pressed f9 to see the pvp thing cause some ppl wrote about pvp dailies, but nothing happened…
its there a level limit to start the dailies maybe?
6) One other thing that i cant see is where actually is the marketplace…i found an npc at the cemitery with written something like storage/action house and 1 more thing but when i go to him i only find my own storage (vault) with the 2 pages.
If im not wrong this game work on an action house system…but…its also possible to set up player market like in many other mmo? How and where (i mean, there is always a famous place to use as market in every mmo ) ?
Thanks in advance .

7) Those things that people call chests, are the chests like the one with the blue weapon that i got as reward from Stalker Jiangshi wheel of fortune or are some chests on the map? Casue i keep see some chest on the ground in some maps but thye always look like not usable items.

8) crafting and gathering guilds.
i ve read a suggestion that say to enter in all of them (2 afer 2 after 2…..) to make the basic quests inside (and i dont know atm how many and what they are) for faster exp and then let as last the 4 im interested in. Is this a normal way to do or only for people that want to lvl to max lvl in a few days? ( the suggestion was in a “lvl to 45 in 20 hours” guide). Im not interested in fast exp atm, being on the first toon i think a normal way to go is better, to avoid to be too strong compared to the mobs im going to find.

9) So i finally finished the lvl 20 dungeon for the blight weapon, used the class specific key and pimped my hongmoon weapon to blight one…but now im ended up with 3 of those blight weapon chests, that i actually dont need. What should i do with all those (same goes for all those boss chest that got nothing special, or not useful anymore, inside), open wasting a key or selling for 1 copper to npc? Or there is some secret use?

10) What are those HMx things near the character level and whats the difference at 45 and 50?

11) Is it really possible to “bid” untradeable items? How eventually this thing work and more important…its safe?

12) How does guilds work?
I read a lot of “invites” in the chat and all talks of level requirement (easy and obvious), a number with a + (that i think is the attack power), discord (that from what i know is reddit internal chat), outfit (this is unknow…all wear the same? and always? does it cost?) and someone also said “no tax” (people have to actually pay to join one?).
Accepting any other important info about guilds anyway, always better to know before picking the wrong one.

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