The login server address of blade and soul EU


I tried using a VPN and it worked. So im not sure if Etisalat is blocking the login server. I could call them and tell them to unblock it if I knew the login server address of blade and soul EU. but i cant really say for sure. When I was at my office which uses etisalat business DSL, I was also able to login without problems. So I dunno, maybe it’s the consumer ftth that is having this blockage.

It will really work on etisalat business DSL coz it has a Static IP, unlike the others (like me) who only depends on a cheap package from etisalat we can’t connect coz we are using a Dynamic IP and its sad to say that we can’t make our IP address into Static coz it will be a problem to our neighbors, the only option here is to use a VPN or NCsoft to give us a consideration to talk to UAE’s internet service provider (Etisalat) in order for us to play in peace just like how we used to be.

but unless we know what actually to tell them, we cant do anything. like what server address they should look out for. and i doubt they will make exceptions for us to make our residential subscriptions, static ip. i used hotspot shield. but its not a fix. its just a workaround. you will have terrible terrible ping even if you paid for the service. vpn’s are not meant to be used to play blade and soul and expect to have a good time.

wait, did you say 144-153? thats not bad! i was on elife lite (12mbps) for awhile and decided to upgrade when this thing happened so i was not actually able to test if ping improves on 50mbps subcription, but while i was on 12mbps, the ping was 200+ and i was happy with that (200ms and that is already using a pingbooster). bear in mind that vpn is not the same as a ping booster app.

My ping didn’t go above 125ms without the VPN connection. Try to connect using a direct wire from the FTTH router to your PC and create a PPPoE connection in Windows and connect using your username and password and see if this will improve the ping. If not, try to restart the router (ftth) multiple times and see if the ping would improve after a couple of restarts.

As you can see brother , this issue is an old issue and they have solved it before what happened now that they don’t reply to us , I don’t know why ?
Plus I have entered to other games for Nc-Soft like Aion and it’s working perfectly and the problem of Over-Watch was an old Launch problem check the time and date , plus overwatch team fixed it not Etisalat .

i just called our ISP costumer service that running by monkeys and basically the employee just admitted to me that recently they blocked alot of applications and such, so i talked to him and explain my problem what he told me to do is to E-mail them on and explain everything on that mail and provide some screenshots so the “Technical team” can solve it.

i can now feel the withdrawal creeping in. like a tiny insect creeping behind your head, crawling towards your ear, whispering, “i need to play BnS, i need to play BnS, i need to play BnS”. you begin to hallucinate, you see Lusung looking down on you laughing. You try to hit him with all you got, you try to punch him and kick him and dump all your high damage skills, but nothing works, same like the login. so you just sit there and start to stare at the corner, counting the seconds, crying, hoping, that you might be able to see jinsoyun at the mandate again.

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