There’s a difference between Ncoin and HM coin


Long post, but figured I’d dump as much as I can to help you get started if you decide to give the game a whirl.

1. There’s a currency exchange within the game where you can sell your gold for HM coins. You can then use HM coins to buy items from the HM store. Keep in mind you do get taxed a certain percentage (can’t remember the exact #) from the conversion. So selling your gold for 10 Ncoin will net you 9 HM coin. And yes there’s a difference between Ncoin and HM coin. Ncoins come from real money while HM coin comes from selling gold or getting “Venture Tokens” from reward chests that will convert you HM coins by buying some item from the Dragon Express tab in your inventory screen. To answer the question, yes, it’s possible to buy extra character slots without using real money.

1.5 This is dependent on the current rate of the currency exchange. I’m sorry, I don’t know the exact pricing of the slot voucher. I will guess it’s about 30g-50g. It’s not hard to farm gold in the game depending on what you do, but it definitely takes time. When you have a good geared character, you can probably make 20-30g easily a day and even more if you farm dungeons constantly and get rare drops to sell.

2. You should be able to mail things to your alt without the purchase of ncoins as long as your alt is on the same account. If there is a problem, just contact support. I’ve heard people had problems, and they just had to send in a ticket. You need ncoins for the ability to send mail to other players.

3. There are a few things, that I’ll try to hint out. There are new changes with the rewards from surveys and quests, and so I’ll try to point out the obvious ones.

– Keep your Hongmoon weapon/accessories. These are your end-game gear. All you have to do is level and evolve them. Use other drops as fodder to level them up. Only until lvl 45-50 will you get certain accessories like Breeze Bracelet, Python Necklace, that can be better, but if you are always updating your Hongmoon accessories, then they will turn out better in the long run.

– You will get special keys from surveys and quests.
— Hongmoon Viridian Coast Key x1 – to open Blight Weapon Chest from Blackram Narrows dungeon (lvl 20~)
— Hongmoon Cinderlands Coast Key x2 – to open Corrupted Weapon Chest from Darkglimpse and Infernal Weapon Chest from Tomb of Exiles (lvl 36~)
— Hongmoon Moonwater Coast Key x1 – to open Forgotten Brightstone Weapon Chest from Brightstone Ruins (lvl 45~)

You’ll want to save these keys for certain weapon breakthroughs to save your time from farming dungeons. At the time of writing this, I’m just guessing how much you get based on others findings, but I can be wrong. But I listed the best times you use these keys cause the other weapons can either A) be bought on the Auction Marketplace (F5) or B) can be easily farmed since they are open world bosses that people farm multiple times every day.

You’ll probably be asking about soul shields, so here’s a general progression guide that I use to save time from farming and money from unsealing. I won’t get into the end game stuff, since there’s tons of info on what to do for that.

Easy Route
Lvl 8 – Stalker Soul Shields (obtainable from the Foshi Pyres Wheel of Fate)
Lvl 20 – Change up to Viridian Soul Shields (obtained from merchant in Jadestone Village. Trade Viridian Valor Stones for it)
Lvl 36 – Cinderlands Renowned Soul Shield (obtained from merchant in Yehara’s Mirage. Trade Cinderlands Valor Stones for it)
Lvl 45 – Moonwater Soul Shield (obtained from merchant in Hogshead Pastures. Trade Moonwater Valor stones for it)
Lvl 45+ – You’ll be now running dungeons for soul shields. Typically people get a mix Blackram/Bloodshade/Naryu Labryinth until they are geared to do lvl 50 dungeons.

As far as questing goes, if you do all the quests, you will do pretty well on exp and gold. I believe going from lvl 45-50 in questing will net you about 30-50g just from questing.

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