The combat helps bring in something

They're giving it average review scores, which in all fairness is pretty accurate. aside from the combat there's not a lot that this game is doing that isn't being done better elsewhere. the quests are super repetitive, dungeons and their resulting boss fights are not particularly interesting, and the graphics

The cash reward doesn’t match

I don't know about other but i still play this game just because i have already spent a lot of money buying ncoins, so i dont have another option. About the content is shit and the game experience is even worst those with money are the only ones that enjoy

Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus

The person who keep crying about Red spin in 6v6, First off you stand in it and you attack them then you cry that they keep spamming it ? For real ? Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus, meaning if you stand away and stop attacking they

Blade and Soul Gameplay | Can This Guy Even Die

Word of advice unless you are well above the dungeon level or know your class really really well anything with a purple door needs 6 people.. unless you get someone incredibly high then you only need them. F8 is your best bet for clearing that dungeon unless you get it