Vote Kick Temporary Solution – Just an BNS idea

Was just thinking, and decided to post this idea I thought of that could possibly help reduce people taking advantage of the Kick-Feature that will be implemented. However, I am sure this will not be “Thee Solution” but might possibly help.
The idea I thought of, might have been suggested, or brought up before. Therefore, please refrain from shaming upon this thread. However, if this idea is something the devs might take an interest in, then hopefully something like this or something similar will appear in-game. Please note, that this feature could possibly even be helpful in other scenario’s rather than cross-server/open world dungeon kicking.

The temporary solution is implementing a “Karma Feature”. whereas, for those who are wrongfully kicked, will be able to rate the “Player who kicked” as “Negative” or “Positive”. People can as well perhaps even vote after the dungeon is over for more results. Another idea, within this karma system is granting the player with the most positive karma the player kicking feature.

There very well be more options with this solution, but of course there is that chance of people also abusing this feature to gain the most positive karma to just kick whoever they feel like it. Which is why, there could be consequences upon the player who is abusing this, and the GM’s will make the decision on how severe the abuse is and take the right action. Very well losing positive karma/suspend using the kick feature. Also, to find solutions to abusing it, it could be 1 negative/or positive vote per player/account? Therefore, players won’t easily rate a friendly person over and over gaining thousands of positive karma.

Of course, there could be many options to reduce abusing this feature. But I find it better than just implementing a kick feature without any consequences or very little options. Though, this is for the devs to decide, and even if this isn’t implemented, I thought it was worth making a thread about and making it known for more idea’s or even similar idea’s.

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