Warmane The Faction Change Base GAuide

Faction change is irreversible and not eligible for a refund. Faction change is enabled only from Horde to Alliance, in order to keep a healthy horde-alliance

In order to change faction, firstly you will have to create an alliance character. This character will be used only for race, name (you will be able to change it later) and appearance. Anything other (gear, reputation and etc.) will be swapped and converted from your character.

Steps bellow should be done after you created an alliance character:
1. Once you are logged on our website, go to the “Services” page. You may also use this link:
2. Select the realm (in our case Outland), after that select your horde character which on you want to transfer and select the currency. On the next drop down select the “Faction change”.
3. Now you will have to select the alliance character you created earlier.
4. Tick the checkbox on the left side of the confirmation text.
5. Click the “Purchase” button to finish the faction change process.

Faction change costs 30 Coins or Points and provides:
– Character’s race changed to the chosen opposing faction race
– Faction change is completed through the character selection screen in-game
– Faction change is irreversible and not eligible for refund

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