What The Hell is Wrong With U Guys NCSoft / Worst Host (Duplicate)

Well Gonna Mention Some Problems Been Having So Far

Well for some reason i know u guys dont give a shiit and wont do a shiit but decided to put it here,

FPS Problems in Some Place Such as

Naryu Labryinth -> When Fighting Minou FPS just Goes Down like hell getting 5-7 FPS
and Shiver stone was giving same FPS But when i lvling my BM i was getting it now little better but still 10-15FPS
Same as Asura Snow Places,

And Ping Problem so Far Searched Solution Found like 1k Forums About Saying the Same Complaint So u guys dont give shiit about it too,

i asked few of my friends i play MMO with All Answer was That is for Why i *cricket*ing Quit This Game, Even Few Guys From German are Getting 100-200 Ping?

Seriously u guys have Worst host? or just suck at Hosting Game,

Recently after some Patch i choose option interface show delay in ms it show that when in combat delay ms shows 296-450 so is that means my ping is 300+?
if it is German Host i will get 150-190 Ping for Sure
And Arena , Cross Dungeon are Fking high Ping, and Dodge when i press F not dodging it show i press but Packet not sending or Cause of Delay it Fails to Send?
what Ever the Reason is Pretty much Fked PVP,

Well if u want Ration of Player lost cause this Ping Problem u can Mostly cause of that And Recently some Players Recommending Private Server are Better

Good Game Getting Fked up By NCSoft / Worst Host

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