Why Auto detonate is better

This is for exp Fm players just explaining why Auto detonate is better and if not at least the same as burn build. OK I have always been using burn build back in TW server but since the last big patch where they changed a shit ton on FM, I found out auto-detonate became another choice and far better than burn build actually from my own experience.

I have never been out damaged by burn build FM unless they have 100 AP more than me. I always got the aggro and when my friends duo with other FM they always take down boss slower (looking at the enrage timer mostly tested on 4 man lair and yeti).

Another very important reason is the BLEED effect from Dual dragons. that debuff is so fcking op go check it out test it out yourself, IF YOU are going to duo a dungeon or SOLO one , keep 5 bleed stacks up is actually far more important than you imagine because it is not easy to keep 5 stacks up if you do not help your teamate (for example i always duo with summoner to 2 man most of the dungeons and everytime we keep the bleed debuff up perfectly shit die way faster).

You should really put more emphasis into your first key point about keeping burn up. Preferably put it right at the top of your post instead of burying it in the middle where the tldr folks will probably miss it. It is something most auto detonate users fail to do and is what annoys all burn users. Sure, the burn user can try to Impact the burns for both FMs. He’ll spend the whole fight trying to snipe the 5 stack before the auto detonate goes off.

The whole Rotation is theoretically ok, but you Need a good ping for that and you have to do everything perfectly. If you miss to burn your enemy with 1, you will lose more damage than you might won within the last 30 seconds. Reducing meteor cd is also not that great as you might hink. Sure, it’s good but don’t think your damage will explode because of that. I played this way before I got the hm pellet and the only think the hm skill of form 1 does is very Little more damage and 2 ember stacks on crit (so not always).

You have to keep in mind that form 2 will do more damage than form 1 with detonate. So if you would have 5 ember stacks everytime you use LMB, you wouldn’t lose much damage there but how will you get them every time? If your skills are on cd and you only have LMB and 2 for ember stacks, you can’t guarantee that you will have 5 every time so you will lose much damage every time you don’t have the detonation. With hm skill on 2 it might be not that bad because you can spam dual dragons more often but in the end all you are doing is a bit more damage with meteor and dragonblaze for losing damage with LMB.

Again to make it clear: Using auto-detonate is not a way to use the ember you always generate to do even moe damage. The detonate is NECESSARY to Keep up with the damage of the normal burn build because LMB does way more damage there. If you can perfectly execute the Rotation, please, use it, but it is not better.

Yes it is to keep up the damage with this auto-detonate BUT your meteor spam/bleed stacks(dual dragons) is where you surpass that damage by a whole new level and yes meteor is really op like op as fk. And if you cant keep the burn buff on perfectly then you shouldn’t be playing this build, gotta be focused and good at it to make it work.

Dragonblaze only increases fire elemental attacks. It only increase a portion of HM impact damage and does not increase ember explosion damage. The higher up the AP you go, the better Dragonblaze becomes compared to Blazing beam, and HM impact starts to lag behind in damage, more so when we get fire elemental gear, since only a portion of it gets benefit.

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