Why I think all classes in BnS are boring to play

It’s quite simple: every class in BnS relies on mind-numbing, super taxing animation canceling. There is no other game that requires u to do as much animation cancelling as BnS. Other games only require moderate animation cancelling to achieve higher dps or to perform certain maneuvers, whereas in BnS, “animation cancelling” aka just see how fast u can do the carpel-tunnel-inducing same-2-or-3-buttons-smashing action is everything. destroyer and kfm’s animation cancelling do have a rhythm, but it’s still just spamming that as fast as u can.
The class description for Assassin should literally just be “Press right mouse button and f as fast as u can”.

how is this fun? like I understand people will say “if you dont like it then dont play it” because they have nothing else they can say to defend their poorly designed game. I’m just curious to see if someone can give me a legitimate answer on how they can find this to be fun. Combat = press 2-3 buttons as fast as u can and maybe add in another skill from time to time and call it a dps rotation? how does this even take skill?

Add this arguably the worst combat system in any video game ever to the long list of faults with this game, people will still defend it and say dont play if u dont like, implying they do like it. I don’t know how anyone can like this.

Update: as I expected, no one can answer with how they find this super boring, super taxing “combat system” to be fun. it’s nothing but “then dont play” replies.

update #2: all i asked was how do u find spamming 2-3 buttons as fast as u can to be fun. stop replying with comparisons to games in completely different genres or trying to reword it to “using 2-3 skills”. no it’s not just using 2-3 skills, it’s mindlessly spamming those 2-3 skills AS FAST AS U CAN, which is super taxing and boring. I play games to have fun, not to see how fast I can click 2-3 buttons.

just answer the question. an example answer that makes sense would be “i enjoy spamming 2-3 buttons as fast I can. i find it to be fun”.

update #3: people have now resorted to “then dont ani cancel”. they are ok with not doing the “proper” rotation to achieve optimal dps, consciously gimping the group they run with. this is the level people are willing to stoop to to justify something that I believe is inherently wrong with the game.

50 replies and 3 pages later and not one person has tried to answer my question. just a simply question. nope. no one can do it. just nothing but side stepping the question and talking about things I didn’t ask about. even then none of the replies even make sense, just comparisons to games in other genres, or trying to say the dps rotation is not primarily spamming 2-3 buttons.

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