With the rising number of hacked account and other security issues

Greeting fellow players,

With the rising number of hacked account and other security issues. Bots and hackers flooding from Bamboo village to Soulstone plains. Gaining bns gold is becoming increasingly more difficult because of the drop in prices of items due to bot. And Now pvp is almost unplayable due to the rising number of summoner/bot/hackers that are constantly in stealth that resist all attacks. The top players are all summoner bots.

So, really how much worse can Ncsoft do?

Being a “constructive post” I urge players to stop supporting this game with their money. Or vote to remove the current community management because clearly they’re not getting the idea and quite frankly just not responding or just ignoring the outrage.

It will not get better UNLESS NCSOFT decides to do what I put below and here is why:

Almost all NA companies that sponsor an Asian MMO only care about milking it for every single dime they can get. This can be seen in many NA Asian games.

Almost all F2P games have this issue and game companies seem to not really care even though there are ways to at least make it much harder to bot/cheat on.

1: In a few games they have a window randomly pop up throughout your game play. This window will have a 4-5 digit number that you need to put in. If you do NOT put it in or you get it wrong you are kicked from the game. I would say it pops up within the 1st 10 minutes of play time and then depending on what you are doing it varies. This right here will severely limit botting and the coding can’t be THAT HARD.

2: It can also be used in pvp arena. Once your opponent is found a window could pop up asking for the random series of numbers. You input wrong or don’t you get kicked.

3: Let players police our game. If a bot is spamming etc they should be kicked off the game after 20 people report them. If they log on again and start it 10 people need to report then their account is locked until an active investigation is done (which would take all of 1 minute looking at the chat logs to see it was in fact a chat bot)

4: Randomly have a GM going around banning bots and let the players KNOW their is a GM so they can tell the GM where to go. Neverwinter did this a for about a month 30 minutes 2-3 times a day about 5 days a week What happened the bot numbers went way down and stayed down.

We will never ever be free of bots that is a just gaming life, but there are so many easy and cheap ways to combat the issue. When companies don’t do these things just makes it look like their CEO and upper management have no clue what they are doing.

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